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POdcast producer
tv & radio presenter

I’m a content producer with a passion for audio and video storytelling. 

My journey into media has been a very unconventional one. After dropping out of university and being diagnosed with Crohns disease, everything looked bleak. 

I bought myself a DSLR for my 21st birthday and was quickly asked by a friend to photograph his show at London fashion week. Through that I went on to assisting in the fashion industry for a few years up until I had my stoma surgery.

Once I had recovered I started making my own youtube videos based around the things I could never do when I was sick. It turned out people liked what I had to say and I ended up presenting for BentTV, WTX News, Pulse 88, Crohns and Colitis UK, VICE, the BBC amongst others.

I developed a passion for telling stories about real life situations. Ones that affect everyday, normal people. Working with VICE UK, I was able to tell those stories in the form of almost 100 podcasts over a year. Since then I've worked with the BBC, Spotify and the London Borough of culture. 

I'm all about good vibes and making awesome content, hit me up and let's have a chat! :)


BBC / Spotify / Somerset House / VICE / Rimmel

Crohns and Colitis UK / London Borough of Culture / Ubele

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